OK, we've never been sure on shirts that are literally covered in sponsors, but for whatever reason, this really works for us!

ODD Grenland, now ODD BK, are a Norwegain side from Skien, located in the district of Grenland.  Here's a fact for you (may have been pinched from Wikipedia!  Interesting though nevertheless!):  On 25th September 2011 ODD player Jone Samuelsen scored what is allegedly the longest headed goal of all time, from an astonishing 58.13 metres, that is, according to the Norwegian Police.  What is more strange - a headed goal from 58.13 metres, or the fact that the distance was measured by the police?  Bizarre Scandinavian behaviour, I mean, was the goal a crime?

Moving on to the shirt itself, as worn by the good looking chap in the photograph.  A highly unusual feature is the teams club badge, have you ever seen one smaller?  The sponsors were obviously not so subtle about the size of their company logo's...

Anyway, a fascinating shirt and a nice one for anyone's collection.