OK, this may be a slightly biased vote from us at DOTP, being geordie!  Nevertheless, they just don't make them like this anymore, with a single pop button to the collar, this just oozed 80's design.


On another note, these old shirts from the Toon Army are particularly attractive given that the new shirts, despite being nicely designed, sport a hideous 'Wonga' sponsor across the front.  We particularly like the new grey away shirt from the Toon for season 2014/15, a bit of a throwback to the grey away shirt that Gazza and co wore, but the problem is the Wonga.  Tip, don't spent your Wonga on the new one's, spend it on a vintage beauty like this that will forever hold its value and also make you stand out on matchday.


If you choose to invest in this shirt, we would also recommend that you invest in an 80's style haircut; a Chris Waddle mullet with these green and yellow stripes would be, in a word, magic.